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Use it Effectively

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Brand Strategy

Use a strategy that carves a clear path.

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Use it Creatively

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Brand Design

Captivate at first sight.  Leave an imprint.

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Use it Imaginatively

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Content Creation

Make content that tells stories.  Whatever the medium.

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Use it Meaningfully

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Events & Experiences

Deliver experiences that linger long after they conclude.

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Use it Disruptively

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Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with influence to make noise and celebrate with your tribe.

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Use it Impactfully

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Ignite conversation and community.  Strike a chord to be shared.

Social Media

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About 12:03

Tom Howard Managing Director 12:03 Agency

A Lifestyle Agency

We’re all about putting your brand where you want it to be with impact and flair. Our goal is to push creativity through audacious ideas and meticulous strategies that deliver.

We're all about doing cool things with cool people and brands. Our team, led by experienced leaders and supported by over 20 experts, is here to make amazing stuff happen.

Drop us a line if you want to chat.

Tom Howard

Managing Director

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Leadership Team

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Investor, innovator, and creator of ideas.  The go-to person for the audacious. Experience working for major brands client-side and agency side.

Nik Ellwood

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Investor, planner, and strategic thinker.  Vast experience managing luxury brands in the auto space.  Here to make sense from chaos.

Steve Lambert

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Creative Director and free thinker.  The person to challenge the status quo and re-imagine the art of the possible.

Stu Perry

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Bragborough Hall Business Centre

Welton Road, Braunston, Northamptonshire NN11 7JG

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